Karen Kaplan Navigates the Autism Spectrum


I have been working with individuals on the autism spectrum - and those who educate, coach, mentor, and develop programs for them - for over 35 years.

My mission is to help schools, centers, agencies, and families identify the strengths and challenges of their current programs and services and strengthen and expand them to meet the growing needs of those who live daily on the spectrum.

Whether you are an administrator, director, educator, clinician, or parent, I look forward to helping you discover the most effective tools, systems, interventions, and resources to empower your mission to support children, teens, and adults with special needs.

“Karen does what it takes, knows the field of special education for these children, and shares her knowledge with those who need it.”
— Dennis, Board Member
“Karen understands and connects with our children and works tirelessly to create services and opportunities for them.”
— A Parent


I'm happy to announce my book "On the Yellow Brick Road: My Search for Home and Hope for the Child with Autism," is now available!

“Karen gave Wings Learning Center a new life. She understood our mission well and energized everyone with her determination and skills, to overcome our challenges and become highly successful in fulfilling our mission.”
— Safa Rachtchy, Chairman of the Board