On the Yellow Brick Road

My Search for Home and Hope for the Child with Autism


by Karen Kaplan

Published: October 5, 2017
142 pages

We are all on some type of search to find home, a place we feel supports our uniqueness, our curiosities, our passions; acknowledges our contributions; helps us feel connected; and, most of all, offers us safety, love and a sense of well-being.

This book is about my search to find my own home through my dedication to children with autism, to give hope to the families who love and support them, and the professionals who mentor and inspire their growth.

The Yellow Brick Road is my metaphor for the journey each of us takes, including the child with autism, and his or her family, with all its tests, adventures, ordeals, rewards, and transformations.

I hope my story provides insight, understanding, helpful ideas, and strategies, and most importantly, a way to see possibilities and capabilities instead of disabilities.