Consulting Services


I am currently based in Northern California, directing a school for moderate to severe students with autism, offering workshops, seminars and trainings for professionals and families and consulting with schools, adult-day and residential programs as well as private families. 

I had the opportunity to open the first elementary and secondary public-school programs for autism in 1973 and then design, develop, implement and expand my very own private residential school in 1980 in the Sacramento area.

Since 2011, I have supported the development and expansion of two private schools in the San Francisco Bay area, of which I am currently the Executive Director of one, and have spent the past eight summers consulting globally on the islands of Bali and Java and in Uganda, Africa educating and mentoring in non-governmental centers and schools for special needs under my non-profit call Offerings. 

I worked on designing and implementing the Autism Specialist Credential for two California Universities. 

I enjoy consulting with families, helping them work with schools in obtaining the supports and services their student requires and needs. I also am passionate about helping families design programs that nurture independence in their teens and adults. 

I customize workshops for schools and centers and evaluate the organizations' current needs, in the areas of professional development, parent support, educational and therapeutic models, building a positive work environment and designing positive educational settings.


    • Understanding and supporting autism

    • Addressing communication, social, sensory, or executive functioning challenges

    • Addressing behavior challenges

    • Developing pre-vocational and life skill curriculums

    • Nurture Independence

    • Parent training (building independence)

    • Wellness (parents and staff)

    • Understanding your co-worker with ASD

    • Developing a school for the student with ASD

    • Everything a student wishes you knew about their autism

    • Creating an effective learning and working environment for faculty, staff, and students

    • Developing your child's educational team and advocating for his or her needs.

    • Mainstreaming the student with autism

    • Interest-based learning

    • See Capabilities